Completed: Meema's Felted Marsupial Tote


Started: 1.2.06
Finished: 1.5.06
Pattern: SNB
Yarn: Brown Sheep Company Lamb's Pride Bulky in Old Sage and Roasted Coffee.
Needles: US Size 15 (I think) Denise Interchangeable Circulars, I don't remember what length...probably whatever the pattern specified.

This was my first experience felting. I enjoyed making this, not least of all because it was very quick. The bag started out pre-felting at 13" wide and 16" tall, and is now...uhh, I haven't measured, but...significantly smaller than that. I am so accustomed to failure that I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the bag did indeed felt, and seemed to do so with a fair amount of success. I will say that the colors did not turn out as I had hoped. I found Lamb's Pride's selection of browns to be disappointing to say the least. I was not hoping for the bottom half of the bag to look red--it will always feel like a Christmas bag I think. Nevertheless, I admit (despite all apparent good taste) to be slightly proud of it, and as such it is currently in use as my (probably temporary) knitting bag.


the bag holds its head up high while carrying my current knits



Completed: Construction Hat

Started: 1/11/06
Finished: 5/2/06
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Caron Wintuk in Baby Blue for the hat, and Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Denim, Black, and Grey Heather for the digger.
Needles: Addi Turbo Circulars US Size 6, 16" length

This is certainly not a project that should have taken me four months. It did, but only because of school and major procrastinating on figuring out a plan for making the digger. At first I tried to graph it on my computer using pictures from the web, but that became more complicated than I wanted to get. I ended up just winging it. The most disappointing thing wasn't the digger, but the hat itself in the end. I couldn't find a basic kid's pattern that I liked, so I made that up too, but ended up messing up the decreases. The hat is slightly pointy on top and a little too long. Oh well. Overall, I'm fairly pleased.

the recipient--my littlest brother

Upon receiving the hat, my little bro thanked me, then told me something to the effect of, "This is nice, but construction isn't my favorite thing anymore. I like animals now." Anybody know how I can get a good chart of a mole? (Side note: What little kid likes moles???)



We Interrupt This Program...

To bring you this special announcement: I just have to brag a little bit.

Well??? Aren't you terribly jealous??? I would be if I were you. This was a completely unexpected graduation gift from my awesome husband (of three years today, btw). I love it so much. So far the only thing I have made with it has been the messenger bag featured in the previous post, but I have grand plans for The Machine. To be perfectly truthful, I love and adore it so much that I think I'm slightly afraid to use it. I'm considering framing it instead.


Completed: Canvas Messenger Bag

This is the bag I made for the sewalong, based on the Craftster tutorial, and Mari's bag. The exterior is green canvas, and the interior is a striped cotton by Amy Butler. I added a zip pocket to the inside.

There are quite a few things that I would do differently if I were to make another messenger bag. The strap is much too wide and a little bit too short. The zip pocket is extremely shallow. I had some trouble figuring out exactly how to put the bag together in the final steps, and ended up doing it three times--by the last time I was just sick of doing it and thus my work was sloppy. The straps aren't quite centered on the sides, and the flap is not completely in the center. Also, the bag itself is a little smaller than I like. However, I feel like I learned a lot putting it together, and overall, I really like it.



An Unpost

I updated my sidebar a little. Surprisingly, I have made some progress on finishing projects. Perhaps not surprisingly, I have also started a couple more. I'm going to try and post pictures later today. This last month has been so busy...we visited Charlotte for possible house-hunting, I graduated (yay!!!), relaxed at this hotel for four days while M attended a work conference there, and just got back the day before yesterday from my cousin's wedding in Ohio. It's time to catch up.

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