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So it's true. Yesterday my shawl yarn arrived. All 1375 yards of it.

M was gracious enough to help me wind it into balls...we spent 3 hours doing this, people, and still we had that piece up on the right left!!! Can somebody say 'yarn swift'?

My bag fabric for the sewalong arrived today. A yard of sage green canvas and a yard of an Amy Butler striped cotton for lining. I need to go get some stuff like thread, interfacing, magnetic snaps, etc., then I'm all set for some pattern-making.

the canvas doesn't really have waves on it...the picture just turned out kinda wonky...sorry, folks


More? Really?

Yes folks, it was truly just last week that I vowed to myself I would undertake no new projects! I was sworn to finish! And yet, it is equally true that just yesterday I purchased this to make this. When will it end???

Speaking of which, has anyone seen the Sunrise Circle Jacket in the latest Interweave Knits?

As a long-standing fan of tweed, I admit to being slightly tempted.


Stash Flash 2006

WARNING: This is a long post.

As today is official Flash Your Stash Day, I thought it an opportune moment for a stash update as well as a WIP update (to benefit myself as well as you, the reading public).

First up is a classic favorite that is beginning to get on my nerves:

the Hourglass Sweater in KnitPicks Andean Silk

This seems to be turning out fairly well so far, minus a bulky hem that wants to turn up (hopefully I can kill that during blocking). My Denise needles are sort of pesky though, because they've unhooked about five times so far, each time leaving like thirty stitches that drop a row or two down and don't want to get back on the needle. I think I'm also going to need a couple of skeins more to finish this sucker.

Next up:

the Construction Hat in Lion Brand Wool-Ease

This is the hat that my five-year old brother commissioned. He asked me to knit him a hat with an excavator on the front. I really wanted to do this via intarsia, but it seemed too daunting, so I'm going to attempt sewing something in. Hopefully it turns out looking like some sort of construction vehicle.

Pom Squad sock in Bambino Ull and Jess Hutch bunny in Cascade 220

I'm not sure if I have enough yarn for the sock, but I think I'm going to go ahead and try to knit it, one day far from now. I knit both of the bunny legs in one night and thought I was on a roll, until at the very bottom of one leg some stitches dropped. That was several months ago, and I haven't touched it since then. But I already bought stuffing, so I feel committed to the project.

unlined green bag of my own making in some Joann yarn, I think Angel Hair

I think I'm just going to reinforce the strap somehow and sew it on, line this sucker and call it done. I've had enough with it, and I'm not really crazy about it anymore

Punk Rock Backpack in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes

After running into some gauge problems, I really procratinated on this. I think the real issue is that I know I'll never use it. I need to just finish this. The back panel isn't done, then I need to do the gusset and straps, then sew it up and line it. It shouldn't be too bad.

project stash

This is all of the yarn that I have that is or once was dedicated to a project. It's not too bad I don't think. I want to ignore the KnitPicks yarn on the bottom right, as I got that for the GEGWE cardigan from SNB. I really think I would hate knitting it, and would never wear it, but I don't know what to do with it. I'd like to get rid of it, I guess, along with the avocado green stuff (Suri Dream) to the left of it that I got for trim (yikes). On the top, the maroon yarn is something I got to learn to crochet with last June, at the same time that I was first introducing myself to knitting. It was mistake yarn, as was the yarn beside it, Lion Brand Cotton-Ease purchased for the Om Yoga Bag from SNBN, something I will likely never make.


This is all of my leftover yarn from various projects...I'm really not sure what to do with it.

So, this was a productive recap, methinks. I have realized recently that my knitting skills have improved, but my attention span is declining. I think I've had enough of any yarn that is available at Joann (or similar stores), and I'd like to move up to the big leagues. I think I may be ready to take on more interesting projects with more interesting yarns. But first, I really want to turn all of my WIPs into FOs, if you know what I'm saying. So, bear with me a little longer, and we'll move out of Synthetico World.

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