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About a week ago I won a drawing at simple sparrow when Toni was celebrating her 201st post. I arrived home yesterday to find these goodies waiting for me:

gifts from simple sparrow
vintage buttons, fabric pieces, and a cute pincushion

Thanks Toni!! Edit: There was also a lovely little piece of candy--Japanese I think?--that unfortunately didn't last long enough to see this photo shoot. :)

On another note, here is some small evidence that I haven't given up on crafting yet (although I almost did yesterday when my sewing machine and I got into a vicious fight, but I won't go into the details of that here):

tissue holder
tissue holder

As anyone who knows me at all knows, tissues are my one true lifelong companion. I am never without them. I have a chronically stuffy nose, or some such thing. I don't think that's the technical term, but regardless, I always need some tissues. I should buy stock in Kleenex...something to think about.

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How fun. I love the buttons!

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