So, 2010. Crazy. I'm excited. I hope to read more books, sew and knit more, and spend more time outside, among other things. At the same time, we're planning on another baby joining our family, so I'm acknowledging that all of the above may slide for another year to make room for more diaper changes, more sleeplessness, more demands on time, and so much more love that none of the rest matters.

Cheers to a happy new year!


Lazy Friday

chocolate bite

A bite of the good stuff, then a day of chores accompanied by a whole lot of new music (there's even more than that...thanks M!!). Life is peaceful and content.



Completed: Bunny

lmkg bunny

Started: 2.24.07
Finished: 3.17.07~ish
Pattern source: Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, by Joelle Hoverson
Yarn: Whatever the book recommended--I think it was two skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas 100% Sport Weight Alpaca, probably in Taupe or Light Tan, along with one skein of Joseph Galler Belangor in the light pink color

The pattern was very easy, and this was a very quick project. It turned out great, minus the neck, which is strategically covered by the scarf above. That was my fault though--I really liked the way the bunny looked less than fully stuffed, sort of flat, really, so I sewed it up like that. I didn't realize that it made the neck look really bad that way--if I gathered it like the pattern suggested, it had a bunch of pucker lines, and if I didn't gather it, it had a strangely wide neck. As it is I've left it ungathered and strangely wide but covered by a scarf. I wonder if I did the embroidery for the nose/mouth differently if I would like it more. Possibly. Anyway, it turned out cute enough, so I'm not displeased.

As a warning to those of you who may think about making this, I barely got the two skeins of alpaca to make it through the whole project. Actually, I did not--I ended up using a similar looking yarn to sew some of the bunny together, because I totally ran out of the alpaca. Oh, and as a side note, I think it is possibly my favorite yarn I have ever worked with...so so soft.



Completed: Book Cover

Inspired by this:

book cover

Mostly successful, after some key forgetfulness (seam allowances? what seam allowances?). It seems to be a theme in my sewing projects lately.



Some Nothing

What I'm still working on after a long time:

shawl ip
kimono shawl

irish scarf ip
irish hiking scarf #2

What I've been thinking about working on for a long time:

book cover planning
book covers

On another note, I'm really loving yellow right now. I'm thinking about these shoes to go with this:

patent yellow stripe bag


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