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chocolate pudding cake
the gooey chocolate pudding cake

Last night I decided to try out a recipe from one of my recent acquisitions, The Perfect Cake by Susan G. Purdy. I chose the Chocolate Pudding Cake because 1) it sounded chocolaty and gooey (one of my favorite combinations), 2) unlike about 99% of the other recipes in the book, I had the ingredients for it, and 3) it looked like it would take under ten minutes to put together.

It was very quick to put together. And while it was quite good, and satisfied my chocolate-goo desire (for the moment, at least), it wasn't exactly what I wanted. To be fair, it calls for instant espresso and I used Illy Espresso--that's not the same thing, right? I think that made it taste a little weird. I think I was in the mood for something with a little more of a cake consistency, while this was I guess more brownie-ish. I might make it again though, if desperate for a chocolate fix and not wanting to invest a lot of time. I would probably just skip the espresso altogether though.

I think this book looks very promising though, and I would like to regularly try out some of these recipes.


I love your plate. Also your book looks like a great summer read. Your cake looks yummy too.
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