WIP Update

In an effort to post more often, I'm taking (some) of the burden off of myself to always include a picture (I know, I know--I hate posts without pictures as much as the next guy). Not to mention, I have the hardest time getting good pictures. I don't like to use a flash, but the light in here is not very good and the pics keep coming out blurry. Does anyone know if there's some way to avoid this? I tend to assume I'm just doing something wrong, but maybe not.

In knitting news, I have completed one Squirrelly Swedish Mitten and am ready to move on to mitten #2.

In quilting news, I have been longing for some time (since receiving this really), to make an awesome quilt, a la Denyse Schmidt. Today I bought some Kona cotton to play with for inspiration and quilting practice. So hopefully I'm going to get that ball rolling here shortly.

Until next time.

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