Early in the week M was able to procure two tickets to Saturday's UNC-Georgia Tech game. We made a day of it and arrived in Chapel Hill around 2:30 (the game started at 9). One of M's major goals was to pick up some Tarheel gear, which he did (as did I)--the final count was, including everything:

Those UNC fans take their Tarheels seriously. I don't think I've ever seen so much team spirit. The whole walk up to the Dome (maybe a quarter mile?) was lined with people trying to buy tickets from everybody else walking up to the game.
The Dome was quite nice. Our seats were up near the top.

see the Dome in the background?

The game ended up being pretty good, even though UNC beat Tech by a good margin.

warming up

The campus is quite large; we definitely got our workout for the day. I'm slightly ashamed to say my feet are still sore, hehe.

Here is a shot of the Chi Phi frat house:

I love this house

I'd like to take a picture of my completed mitten, but there is so little sun here I'm afraid it wouldn't turn out. I'll play around with it and get back to you.

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