Completed: Mix It Up Coasters

I've been meaning to post these for some time now, so here they are:



my first attempt at hand-quilting--I could use a little practice

These are the Mix-It-Up Coasters from this book.

They were a fun, quick project--I say quick, although I actually started them in September and finished them yesterday. This was completely procrastination though--they could easily be done in a day. Since I had never tried quilting before, I decided to machine-quilt three of them and do the other three by hand. So I zipped through the machine ones and put the other three off until now because I thought I would screw them up so badly (and because they were functional without the quilting, hehe). In the end though, I prefer the ones I did by hand. Who knew?

I really like them though, and I think they would make a good quick gift.


Your coasters are very cute!

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