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So it's true. Yesterday my shawl yarn arrived. All 1375 yards of it.

M was gracious enough to help me wind it into balls...we spent 3 hours doing this, people, and still we had that piece up on the right left!!! Can somebody say 'yarn swift'?

My bag fabric for the sewalong arrived today. A yard of sage green canvas and a yard of an Amy Butler striped cotton for lining. I need to go get some stuff like thread, interfacing, magnetic snaps, etc., then I'm all set for some pattern-making.

the canvas doesn't really have waves on it...the picture just turned out kinda wonky...sorry, folks

That yarn looks delicious, like cotton candy! I really like the material for your bag, I also made a canvas bag for the sew? i knit sew along, but just a plain one with fabric left over from stretching canvases for my painting class. I have been hearing a lot about amy butler lately, is it good fabric? How is the crewel projects going?
Have you posted your bag yet for the sew-along? I actually finished mine a couple of days before the original deadline, but I haven't put it up yet...hopefully tomorrow. I did really like the Amy Butler fabric. It was nice and soft. And I finally copied the pattern for the starter project onto the fabric I'm going to use for it, but I haven't started yet. I think I love how it looks in the book so much I'm afraid to start it and screw it up. How is yours coming?
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