Completed: Straight Neck Pullover

Straight-jacketed is more like it. My first attempt at a sweater could have ended more happily. I'm tempted to say that I understand why unrest exists at the thought of a Suss Cousins pattern, but I fear that the biggest problems may be due merely to my non-skill. In defense of myself, whether I have skill or not, whether the pattern was well-written or not, I think it was an ugly sweater regardless (I can say that now, looking back. I thought it was infinitely beautiful before I started.).

Sadly, this photo does not quite do justice to the patheticness that is this sweater. I wish things had turned out better, folks. I truly do.

Pattern: Straight Neck Pullover from Hollywood Knits
Yarn: Two strands held together of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted in Seaspray, which is apparently discontinued. I don't remember how many skeins it took; I think it was six.
Needles: US Size 13

There will never be pictures of me trying this sweater on, for a number of reasons:

1) The gauge was a terrible disaster. The sweater turned out much too small for me. I thought about giving it to my mother, but for the following reasons, that didn't happen either.
2) The sleeves ended up being too big for the armholes. Consequently, they puff out at the shoulder like a Snow White dress.
3) This was the first time I ever had to do major seaming work. I redid the shoulder-to-shoulder seams three times each, and the sleeve-to-body seams at least three times. My efforts were to no avail. I need seaming therapy.
4) I tried to use M1 increases on the sleeves, but something went wrong there too. I'd like to claim that the resulting pairs of holes all the way up the sleeves are the result of my first time tries at M1 increases, but that wouldn't be right, as I did at least twenty of them, and not one came out any better than the first. Sigh.

I am very tired at the thought and sight of this sweater, so I decided to play with it. Having read an article recently about steeking (and not caring much what happens to this abomination they call a sweater), I undid a shoulder seam and sewed it back on. It seems to have been entirely reckless now. I definitely think the seam looks better, but I'm scared that the yarn is going to unravel to under the seam. Does anyone know if that is a legitimate worry? If so, is there anything I can do about it? I'm going to try and figure out the answers to these questions before starting the next sleeve.

Now that I have my first sweater out of the way, I'm sort of looking forward to my next one. I'm also sort of dreading it. I'm scared that I'm not going to end up liking any sweater that I knit for myself, since it will probably be a large, and consequently not as beautiful as any picture shown in a pattern.

If things turn out well with the fake steeking (feeking?), perhaps I'll post. Otherwise I'll sulk away in shame.

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