Christmas List

I'm going to keep a running list here that will be updated as needed. Check back often.

Notes: Obviously a lot of knitting-related items will be included on the list. This items will in large part be available online exclusively. I will try to provide links to the best websites to order from, as far as item prices and shipping and handling. In general though, some of my favorite knitting websites of the moment are The Knitting Garden (fairly good prices with free shipping on orders over $75), and Kaleidoscope Yarns (good selection, shipping is free on orders over $100). When denoted, KnitPicks is great because it has free shipping on any order over $30. It is most likely (but not definitely) a bad idea to buy me anything knitting-related that is not specifically requested on the list. Oh, and M will probably use some of these ideas, so you may want to check with him before making your purchases. Email me with any questions or for further advice.

The Christmas list is officially finished.


lol, only the wif...only the wif.
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