Procrastination Festival

I'm definitely going to start my paper soon. Anytime now, really. A day and a half should be plenty of time to finish it in anyway, right? *gulps*
I finally started the Punk Rock Backpack from SNB today. I got the yarn for it for my birthday, so it's been sitting here for awhile. I've been nervous to start because I've never done intarsia before (unless you count the geek wristwarmer from SNB, but that was really more fair isle, in our opinion. And the results were scary anyway.). I cast on with size 6 needles a week or two ago, and my gauge was too small, so this morning I tried size 7. Still too small. It was, yes it's true, still too small on 8s. I ended up using my 10s. I have actually finished the heart already, and I hope to begin the bunny later tonight if I ever start my paper.
Later I'll post pictures of my progress so far, and of my other projects, both those completed and in progress. Just don't count on it, say, within the next month.

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