Codegirl Strikes Again

So it's true, I still didn't get around to posting pictures today. Someday, my friends, someday. However, big changes have come to this blog. As you are aware, we switched our template away from the all black in favor of something a little more serene. Today we added the new sidebar content. We're considering whether we should choose links to individual posts for the pictures, or whether we should check out a gallery. We shall see.
On the knitting front, I finished the lower front of the Punk Rock Backpack today. Overall I'm very pleased with it for my first encounter with intarsia. I now understand why it's made out to be so intimidating. I like the look of it...but I dread the thought of the billion ends I have to weave in with no place to put them. It took me until I had about ten rows left to figure out I didn't have to cut the yarn every time I switched colors. Oh well.
Sadly, morning comes quickly. Off to bed for me.

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