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So...it's been a long time. Where to start...well, after reading The Dive from Clausen's Pier I developed a serious desire to become a master seamstress. That was near mid-June. After a few timid trips to Joann (the craft store) aiming to get an overview of what I might be getting myself into, I stumbled into the knitting section and decided that I would try it. That was it, my friends. I won't say that I've fallen in love, but I do enjoy it so far, and it presents challenges that feel doable to me--a desirable trait in things I enjoy doing. I got several books on knitting from the library, then bought a pair of needles and some yarn, and started my first scarf. Since then I've used more books and the internet as resources, gotten to know my local yarn stores, and bought another two pairs of needles, a crochet hook, six more skeins of yarn, and assorted knitting tools. I haven't really accomplished much, though I will say I've done more than I expected of myself, as I usually become bored quickly of anything I pick up.
I got the pattern for my first scarf from Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits for Beginners, a book that I loved, but which was not terribly helpful. Also, the yarn was definitely too expensive for anything that was going to be the first thing I would knit. It was definitely a learning experience, and I probably should've tried out some sample knitting, a swatch or something, before just starting my scarf with never having knitted before. I think I finished it on June 22nd (my brother's birthday!).

My first knitted piece ever

Amazingly, perhaps stupidly, I am sort of proud of this. Unfortunately, I started by casting on 23 stitches, and I realized somewhere not too long thereafter that I was knitting 28 stitches on a row, then it was 29, then 30...that's where I learned to decrease. Hence the half-dogbone style. Maybe it'll be a new trend.

Much <3!!! size="3">
This is something else that I finished on my brother's birthday. I really enjoyed doing this, for two reasons: first, it re-introduced me to cross stitch, and second, it was just so darn easy (well, comparatively). I'm working on an Eeyore one similar to this now.

Hey, I might even wear it

I finished this tonight. I'm a lot happier with it than with the first scarf. I didn't have a pattern for it; it's just a garter stitch scarf. I feel like I didn't make a lot of mistakes, but it's a slightly frayed (I guess) yarn, and I think that probably covered up all the mess. I'm glad I did it, because I think it helped to solidify my knit stitch some, and I was able to learn to join a new ball of yarn in, among other things. I think I did better with my seams here. Also, I didn't knit the first stitch of every row (maybe you call that slipped? I'm not sure), and I think I like that better than knitting the first stitch, because the edges look a lot nicer. Apparently there are other ways to do the same thing, but I was glad just to try something out.
Next on the list is a Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Scarf. I've decided to do Gryffindor colors. I've got a pair of circular needles, and I've been playing with them to get the hang of them. I'm kind of stuck right now though, because I dropped a stitch, and I'm scared I'll mess it up if I try to fix it, so if anybody has words of encouragement or helpful tips, I could use that. I've also got some cheap Walmart fabric to make a knitting bag from, and a few other projects left over from a long time ago that I need to finish. It would be nice to feel caught up and like I could concentrate on one project at a time.
Until next time...

Wachoo doin' up at 1 am foo'??? :)
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